Mirror columns withouting changing the source board

Hi there,

I’m trying to make a payroll board that reads some items from another board (e.g. employee directory board) and calculates the cost. I mirrored columns but whenever I change a value in the second board it will change that item in the source board as well.
I actually don’t want this behavior because if I change the salary of one member in the employee board, it will change previous payroll items too.

Is there any alternative? I only need a hard copy of items using mirroring because the nice thing about the mirror feature is the ease of use on selecting multiple columns and showing their values immediately.

@saeid Welcome to the community!

If I’m understanding your request correctly, you want some information mirrored from one board, but you want that data to be static once mirrored?

There might be a few ways to accomplish this, but could you share some screenshots of how your workflow is laid out? Also what kind of information exactly is being mirrored(column types) and how the values are being changed on the second board?

Yes exactly,

Here is my employee board, it just contains name and salary (which is number)

And this is my payroll board.

The only easy way is to make another column next to salary in the subitems and keep the static value there, right?

Hi @saeid - Welcome to the community! We implemented something similar for a large IT consulting firm in the UK. What we did for the year-end change in salaries is to keep all of your existing links as-is, and when someone’s salary changes, update the item name and create a new one that has the updated salary.

For example, lets say you have hundreds of items linking to EmployeeA who makes $80/hour. When that employee gets a raise, change the item name of “EmployeeA” to be something like “EmployeeA - 2021” and create a new “EmployeeA” with the new salary amount of $90/hour. Then use the new one going forward for active work. Next raise, rinse and repeat.

You won’t lose any data and it will take only a few minutes to be ready to book with the new item and salary.