Missing data from offline mode?

Anyone experienced this? And more to the point…anyone have a fix?

Had a staff of 6 (with one iPad each) working in the field in the Monday app, in offline mode. Day one went great, they got back to the office and reconnected to wifi, and everything finished uploading after about an hour. Day two we expected the same…except everyone got back to the office, connected to wifi, and then the next morning…data is missing.

I’d say about 20% of the data is missing, from across all six devices, spanning a bunch of different time periods. Even more concerning…the data is missing from the iPads themselves. I’m still waiting for the iPads to come back to the office so I can just double check everything, but needless to say, everyone is panicking. This represents a TON of lost labor.

(Have already submitted a ticket as well.)

Hi @missingdata!

Our apologies as we are only just seeing this message! We wanted to check in and check whether our support team was able to assist with this? :pray: