Moncli Version 1.1 Release

Hello Community!

We at Trix Solutions are back in action and happy to announce the release of Moncli version 1.1.

Features, enhancements, and fixes include

  • New and improved Wiki documentation is now available!
  • Query an item’s parent group (see get_group method under Items).
  • Query activity logs for an item (see get_activity_logs method under Items).
  • Retrieve column values when querying for items via client, board, and group (see example here).
  • Query tags from board (see get_tags method under Boards).
  • Query items by multiple column values from board (see get_items_by_multiple_column_values under Boards).
  • Enhanced querying with return fields (see example here).
  • Look up board columns and item column values by id or title (see example here).
  • New API key and connection timeout configurations (see example here).
  • Address issues with groups.
  • Extend connection timeout for uploading files to 5 minutes by default.

Also be on the lookout for v1.2, which will be released before the end of the month. Some things to look forward include:

We are proud to say that our python client is the most feature-rich of any existing open-source python client for this ever-growing WorkOS platform. For additional information, assistance, or to suggest a feature enhancement, please open an issue on our github repository or reach out to me at and I would be happy to help!

Thank you very much and happy coding!


WOWOWOW @andrew.shatz :crown:

Thanks so much for sharing this with our community, and your team’s hard work to make using the API v2 in Python that much easier. Great job with the client!


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Thank you for the kind words!

There is also much to look forward to when we release v2 before the end of the year… :smirk: