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Hi I am trying to download images from a board using a fetch api (axios in this instance) I have a bearer token and have got the url where monday is storing the images e.g. - but I am still unauthorized. What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks

Hello Gary,
The problem might be your url. There is a dot in front of You can try this:

Thanks - my site url goes before the dot. But thanks anyway.

Hi @workteam123, welcome to our community!

I’m curious to learn more about how you’re trying to download these files. Are you using one of our API methods…? Or are you using a different method of downloading these images?

The reason I ask is because you can definitely query assets to show the public URL, but these URLs will only be valid for an hour.

Thanks Helen - I have an integration that retrieves an item and publishes it to eBay - I wanted to share these files with eBay - but now you have said they are only valid for one hour this is not an option. I now know I can query the assets to get the public url and it looks like I will have to download a copy locally and then share this copy with eBay (in my use case they are image files) I think going down the oAuth route was a rabbit hole and was wrong. Am I using the correct solution?



Hi @workteam123,

Ahh okay that makes sense. Yes so the time-limit for the public URL is to protect assets uploaded into from being wrongfully accessed. I agree with your workflow that downloading the assets would be the best way to go!

Do you mind saying a bit more about the OAuth rabbit-hole you mentioned? I’m assuming you’re referring to the OAuth implementation right?

Choosing an authentication method really depends on who will ultimately be accessing your app. Let’s say for instance, pushing these assets from to eBay will solely be done by you. In this case, you wouldn’t really need to implement OAuth, you can simply just use your own API key.

Alternatively, if this is going to be used by multiple users on the account, and even multiple accounts, it would definitely be more secure and make more sense to utilize OAuth!

I would recommend checking out our new-ish article on all of the authorization methods available with our monday apps framework here. It will walk you through the options you have for authorizing your app, and the pros and cons of each.

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns at this time!


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