Api export of everything in our monday

Does anyone here have any examples or guidance of using the Monday API to export everything (all Workspaces, Boards, Groups, Items etc)? Trying to use the api to pull all the Monday work with python.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have examples, but it could be done - though would take a long time depending on account size. It will take looping through things starting with boards, and then getting everything from there. (this lets you identify workspaces, folders, groups.) You can also get the items from the board but that will likely require pagination.

That said, what is your use case for extracting all data by API?

There is also the built in ability to export all data as a zip file, once every 24 hours. This is in Administration → General → Account → Export Account data.

I bring the last up, in case your intent is just to get a copy of the data for archival or discovery purposes - this is a far more efficient method that writing it yourself.