Monday API v2 create item mutation using dynamic variables

Hi all

I am new to the API v2 and associated integrations, and need help getting my first integration to work…which I hope will also put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. I am using Monday and Integromat, but at the moment struggling to get the query to work in the Monday GraphQL sandbox.

My use case:
Use the create item mutation to populate multiple items on an established board, and their associated column values- which include multiple column types (including a tag column). For the tag column the tags don’t exist but I would like for them to be created automatically when the pulses on the board are added.
The create items mutation will use variables to dynamically assign the column values in question.

I have tried researching and reading every associated topic but just cant get past creating the item.
Here is where I am at:

#declare column value variables
$accountmgr = String!
$accnumber = Integer!

#create item mutation to populate existing board with pulses

{\n create_item(board_id: {407898124},column_values: $value)
{\n id\n }\n},

#query variables which I would like passed to Monday from Data Integromat

\ “accnumber”:"$accnumber"

Thank you

Hey Marc, I responded to your query in your other post here: Monday Mutation using Data Integromt