Monday code #2 office hour for Dev community

Mark your calendars because next week is another @dipro “most-be-there” office hour!

We are hosting our second monday code office hour, where Dipro will walk you through the entire process of building and deploying an app on the monday code platform.I

nterested? Great! Click to register.

We can’t wait to see you there, as always!


Did you registered yet? :thinking:


Nope - I am a bit late :grin:
Is there a recording of this?

Hello there @greentoothbrush,

I am not sure, but @dipro might know!

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@greentoothbrush – I’m afraid we don’t have a recording of this one. Instead, check out our Youtube walkthrough:

And if you have any questions after watching, you can drop them as a new topic in the monday Apps & Developers section of the community.

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