Monday Code availability

Hello! It’s exciting to hear about the Monday Code platform, but I’d really like to clarify its status at this time.

I have seen in various places: “Access is restricted to select developers who can connect a limited number of apps per account for the time being” and “Currently available only for integration type features”.

It’s not clear how to become a “select developer” or what the roadmap is for expanding the functionality that can be covered within Code. In general, what’s the level of “readiness” of Code for a marketplace app?

Thank you for any insights!


Hello there @danlester and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

monday code is currently available for everyone! That is a mistake in our docs and it will be changed soon.

monday code is stable and can be used for markeptlace apps.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thank you for clarifying!

Do you have anything to add about “Currently available only for integration type features”, which it says on the developer panel under Hosting for any app?

I guess the alternative use cases might be for eg board view to backend communications. So, for a widget or view to reach its backend securely, hosted on Code. Is it intended that Code endpoints can be used for that? I can imagine CORS issues and signing problems if it’s not been designed for that…



From a technical standpoint, you can use monday code for anything that requires a backend! You can even use it for SSR apps in the client.

There is an integration between monday code and the monday developer center – where you can seamlessly connect a feature in your monday app to your monday code deployment. This only works for integrations (for now). But that doesn’t stop you from adding your deployment URL as the Build URL in a view, etc.

I know that was a whirlwind explanation. Let me know if that makes sense or I can clarify anything!

Great - I’ll have a play around with it and see what I can do! I’ll let you know if that leads to any questions.

I was hesitating because I’d got the impression it wouldn’t help achieve everything I needed, but it sounds like there should be a way…



A side note – don’t let the beta label fool you; the infra is ready for production use :wink:


Thanks for your encouragement. I’ve got somewhere with Monday Code, but happy to share the challenges in more detail if it would be helpful to you.

I’ve run up against one issue I’ve described here.