and pageproof name fail

I have been using with pageproof integration and everything has been fine up until end of last year.

In my Work in Progress board, under product description, I sometimes have 5 products in one product description, eg Tempera Paint Sets is the product description and there are 5 different products to create mock ups for and to send via pageproof. Before when I would send each mock up to PageProof via it would respect the name of my pdf and that name would appear in PageProof. Now for some reason, the name is exactly the same for all 5 codes in pageproof using the product description name. Does anyone know how to fix this without creating 5 different product descriptions? Thanks, Nicole

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this, Nicole! This sounds like something our integrations specialists should take a look at. Could you send a video or screenshots of this behavior to our team here?

They’ll be able to use the visuals to recreate the behavior and see if this needs to be escalated to our technical support engineers or if it’s just a quick fix.