board data need to be read by chatbot

Hi, I use board to host my customers and orders informations and update it in realtime. Right now I use Retune chatbot (Chat gpt 4) to give support for customers questions.

But the sources can be used for training are TXT, Qustions forms, pdf and web URL, there any workflow that let me convert my board data as source to train the bot?

Or there any solution to use boards data to train any chatbot?

Hello @Kmk,

I don’t think such a feature exists. The only thing you can do is export your board to Excel. You can also use the “Item to PDF” add-on, which creates PDFs from your items (please find it in the marketplace). The last solution would be to send your data to a software like, perform the conversion using the make tool, and then pass your data to your chatbot.

Keep us informed,