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Hello, I’m a marketing consultant working with a small company in need of implementation and training services. We’re looking for a US based person or company.



Hey @sbrentham

Welcome to the community! CarbonWeb has been partnering with companies to solve their workflow automation problems one component at a time. I would be interested to learn more about this company’s goals as it relates to their workflow and also see how we can help.

If you’d like to schedule a call to go over this further please select a time with me here: Consultation - Ricky

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Ricky Tomer

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Carbon Web Print, LLC
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Hey @sbrentham Welcome to the community! there are lots of great partners here to help you out on your journey.

I’m based in San Diego, Ca and I’d love to sit down and chat with you about your specific needs and see if we are a good fit to work together. I’ve helped many companies with building workflows and refining/training the team on using best practices!

If you’re interested in talking more you can schedule a free call with me here: Calendly - Tim Little


Hi Shane, I know I’m a little late jumping in here, but if you are still looking for partner, we are here. to help! You can email us at or visit our page: | IO Integration
We hope to hear from you!
Thank you.

Hi @sbrentham - Have you found the perfect monday partner to help you realize your vision for doing more with monday․com? If not, let’s chat and see if Polished Geek can help.

We offer a limited number of no-charge strategy sessions in the community each week. You can book one here: Book Polished Geek: more with