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Hi there,

I am looking for an integration between Xero and for our creative agency. However, I have had limited success in setup, trying both Zapier, Integromat, and LuxieTech.

Use case: Our Workflow

  1. New contact is created in on the Client Board
  2. Contact information for the client is mirrored in the Job Creator Board where we use the unique ID to create the Job Number and the numbers and formulas columns to create an estimate
  3. Once approved, we book the job in the Job List Board. The project is an item and the tasks for the project are created and assigned to the team via subitems. This is also where time spent on tasks is tracked — we bill by the hour.
  4. When the job is complete, we move the job to the Invoice Board where we would like to use the time logged in the time tracker to generate an invoice in Xero where each subitem is a line item for the invoice.

Can anyone help me make this functionality work?




Hey there @Oink and thanks for reaching out to the community forums!

This sounds like an interesting integration and I would be happy to see how the team CarbonWeb might be able to help. Our team has worked on a handful of complex and custom API scenarios and I believe we have the skill to get this done. If you would like to learn a bit more and discuss everything further please grab some time with me here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you get this project finalized!

Best regards,

Ricky Tomer

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Hello Felix, We know that Xero has an SDK. We could use our proprietary development platform to write some connectors and build out some flows and tools for you. Let us know if you are interested in in intro call with our development team. You can email and we will get something on the calendar. Best of luck and we hope to hear from you!

Hi @Oink - We have built numerous Xero integrations with for previous customers with a similar work flow (line items as subitems). We tend to lean towards for this type of work which appears in your scope.

We would be happy to learn more about the specifics to see if we can be a good fit for you.

Feel free to reach out here directly or shoot me a message Of course, check us out online to learn more about what we do.

Take care,

Yes, this can be done.

We know Monday, Zapier and Make very well and this is a typical project that can be done on those platforms.

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Hi @Oink

I’ve sent a link in response to your email - looking forward to meeting soon!

Kind regards,
Peta - upstream

Hi Felix,
All that you have described is certainly well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out on all this.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

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Hi Ricky,

Thanks for this. Can you do a time more appropriate for the UK by any chance? Otherwise, 7pm works.

We are a creative agency that manage many projects at a time. We have a team of designers who we assign work to and who track their time. We bill with a fixed hourly rate. We are looking for end-to-end integrated workflow where we can estimate, assign & manage, and then bill our projects. We have had some success setting up, but reached a sticking point.

To summarise, in, we will have a ‘job list’ where all our client projects live. Each project is a ‘item’ and each task of the project is a subitem. We would like to turn these projects and their subitems into invoices, with the subitems being the lines of the invoice, the quantity of each line being the number of hours tracked in the time tracker, and the rate is our fixed rate from a numbers column. Because we have a fixed rate, the rate doesn’t necessarily have to live in We would like Xero to generate the invoice number and populate this information back to on the invoice board.

The first three tasks in our original workflow are in We use the CRM aspects of to store the client name and contact information and pull this information through using the mirror column. The main issue we are having is that there seem to be ramifications using the mirror column from earlier steps in the process because neither Zapier, Integromat, or LuxieTech seem to be able to pull this information into Xero.

Team members are assigned to subitem on through their profile. Our rate is a fixed single figure that we multiply by the number of hours.


Hi Jenna,

Thanks for this. I am hoping to be able to do this through the existing integrations without any custom dev, but I will let you know thanks.


Hi Mark,

I can see the appeal of an ad hoc long-term partner like your site indicates. I’ll shoot you an email, thanks.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for this. Can you give any more information about what a solution might entail?



Hey @Oink

Welcome to the community! You are in the right place to find someone.

My name is Kaya from Kick Consulting. We are a Silver Partner with and have a global team of 14 (project/change managers, implementation specialists, developers) who have a tremendous amount of knowledge. We would love to help you set up and optimise your monday!

We offer a complimentary 30-min initial meeting to discuss your pain points, needs, possible steps forward and options. You can book through this link. If you cannot find a suitable time, please let me know, and I will contact you with more availability.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kick Consulting

Hi @Oink

If you are looking for a consultant to integrate Xero with monday Work OS, I would recommend you seek help from certified partners. When you connect with certified monday partners for the integration, you’ll get seasoned professionals that will quickly address the challenge you are facing. I can assure you that partnering with seasoned consultants will help you get success in setting up Xero with monday com.

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