Integrations, Integrations, Integrations!

WE HAVE BIG NEWS!!! :boom:

We are in the middle of an integration hackathon. This week, ALL developers are focusing on building tonnes more integrations with all of your favourite apps!!!

We’ll be deploying new integrations by the end of this week/early next week and they will be released to users shortly after. :100:

We’re super excited to give you even more possibilities to make your work hub and to connect all of your work tools to streamline your workflow and make everything more centralized.

Stay tuned for more!! :eyes:


Hey Julia!

Can’t wait to test and work with the new integrations. For me personally I am waiting for Zeplin, we use that tool for our handoff from design to devers.


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Wahoo! Does this include Zapier with API v2?

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Woohoo! Great news Monday team. Would love to know if you’re working to get Monday into the Google Suite.


That’s great! Any chance of a list yet of possible new integrations?

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The list you can find on

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O no, I do not see the integration for Zeplin on the roadmap anymore. Are there no more plans on integrating Zeplin?

That would be a shame :frowning:

Xero has also been taken off :pensive:

That’s a pity. Xero customer base is growing hugely and I would looovve to integrate that with monday.

N’oubliez pas FileMaker (Claris) qui veut aussi s’ouvrir aux autres applications :wink:

Have there been any releases yet?