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Our team had a great time at the recent Hackathon, and would now love to see users using and start receiving user feedback on our Xero App.

If you are interested in connecting your boards to Xero, we’d love to hear from them to get them on the early adopters. Please complete this form:

At this stage, we have 4 recipes, which connect users to timesheet in Xero, fixed-rate invoicing, time-based invoicing and contact creation.

What should we build next?


That’s fantastic news. Now I am starting to see the potential of the Monday apps platform.

What we would like to achieve with the Xero to Monday integration is a connected view of our cashflow. If we could have a Monday board that outlined our confirmed upcoming future revenue that knew when that had been paid into Xero, we could have a good cashflow forecast.

No idea what that would require in terms of integrations though!! :joy:

G’day @TheOtherPM! I like the sound of that too!!

Achievable @mitchell.hudson and @vcdizon04?

I agree on Paul, apps are super exciting, this is just the beginning!

Hi @TheOtherPM,

I definitely think that this would be possible!

We can collect all this information using the Xero API and load it into using their API.

We can even make this almost ‘Live’ as we can receive an update from Xero when an invoice is added/paid so it accurately reflects in!

It would be great to jump on a quick call to discuss your requirements and get this in production for you! Would you mind booking in a time on my calendar here ->

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Awesome, I’ve booked a time in for this Friday. That’s exciting.

@TheOtherPM Awesome! I look forward to chatting with you!

How did you go with this? We have clients who are using Xero and I’m sure that could leverage this integration. What would we need to be able trial this?

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Hi @snicho thanks for the message.

You can express interest here

We are sending the trial live this week! Look forward to learning the use case with you.

CC: @mitchell.hudson

I have fill the form, just wondering is there any update?

Hi @Robinzrb

Welcome to the Community!

Can see we’ve received your form, and the team will get in contact on Monday to get you activated.

Have a great rest of your weekend.

CC: @mitchell.hudson

Please sync invoice payment status, contacts

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Do you support the ability to create an item in when a new invoice is created (with custom fields e.g. Xero URL, etc.)?

@bevoid Hi there!

We don’t at this stage.

However we will be! We are just waiting on a feature to be released by monday to allow column mapping. It should be released shortly.

If you complete this expression form - we will notify you when this feature becomes available


Apologies if this is not the right spot to put my question.

We are currently investigating which is the best CRM for our organisation and it is crucial for us to be able to integrate with xero.
Not sure about what you’ve released but main parts of integration are:

  1. being able to create contacts in xero from Monday
  2. Being able to update Monday if a quote is created in xero and accepted, and invoiced

Have yet to sign up for a trial

Hi @lyn,

Welcome to the community!

I am happy to answer your question here.

Currently, our Xero app is able to create contacts (along with invoices and timesheets).

We will be releasing the ability to sync invoices, quotes and contacts FROM Xero shortly. We are just waiting on a feature release from the monday team we should be very close :slight_smile:

I am happy for your to book in a time here to show you the app.

Hi Mitchell,

That sounds good. just to clarify:

  1. the contacts creation is this able to be done FROM -> Xero?
  2. will your demo show me the new feature release?
  3. do you think i need to organise a demo for first so i can understand how the apps/integrations work?


1 - Yes, we can create a contact in Xero based on
2 - No it won’t sorry, as we haven’t begun the development as the feature we require
3 - I can arrange for our sales team to run you through a demo of as well if you like? Feel free to book a time here as it will allow a little more time for the demo on as well here

Ah, i just reread your other post, so it can create invoices and timesheets (in Xero I assume?)
but just can’t sync back to

Great i’ll book in some times once I check with my colleague who wil be assisting me in this.

What an exciting integration!

We are looking to get the invoice PDF link from Monday to xero and payment status.

Would love a way to connect and auto-generated invoice that is paid with an Item in monday. So that when an invoice is paid, the corresponding project in monday is marked paid and can be archived.