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I’d appreciate help. While new to, I’ve used other CRMs in the past. I’ve got a small consulting firm and would like to track anticipated monthly cashflow. My contracts call for clients to make 4-6 payments, and I know those dates and amounts when the contract is signed. Ideally, I’d like to set up tasks to manually invoice the client and then have that feed into a cashflow board that shows anticipated income 30 days after the invoice date. Any ideas? Thank you!


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We can definitely help you to figure out your workflow and what will be best suited for your requirements. Sounds like you have most of the pieces in place and just need some help with automations and driving the invoicing.

I’d also love to understand the accounting software you’re using as there may also be integration capability you’re missing. Both Xero and Quickbooks can integrate with in a way to optimise and streamline the process, taking out as many manual steps as possible and giving time back to your team members.

I’m happy to chat all things any time, feel free to reach me via the below details or book in a chat with me for a time that works best.

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Hey @CoryP

Tracking cash flow can be achieved more easily with QuickBooks integration. This enables you to track, and manage accounts, contacts, invoices, transactions, cash flow, tax-related information, and more from a centralized interface. This helps in automating your payment procedures, reducing human data entry, and increasing efficiency. Moreover, the integration provides an interactive way to let you manage your financial data, predict your active cash flow, and obtain actionable insights.

If you’re seeking help in implementing this integration, hiring integrations experts is the right choice. They can help you obtain tailored, data-driven financial insights to help you make strategic business decisions.