Quickbooks Online integration. Zapier? IQ?

Hi there, does anyone have Quickbooks Online integrated with monday.com? If so, what did you use to integrate and what limitations are there?
I was looking at one (IQ) however seeing a use case I noticed that there were some issues with the online Quickbooks as the integration is set up for QB desktop if I’m understanding correctly.
Would love to know what you’re using to integrate, and any feedback about it. Not interested in something that “mostly” works, because as it stands, our workflow “mostly” works. Only looking to invest if something works rather seamlessly.
Thanks in advance!

Hey Carly!

Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

While I can’t speak from personal experience using this external integration, many customers I have worked with find the Zapier integration for Quickbooks + monday to be helpful!

It might also be worth asking the Facebook Community group since many people there utilize Zapier a lot and it’s a very responsive community! :blush:

I hope this is helpful!

Hi @carlylaine :wave:

You’re right. There is a quickbooks integration but it’s not supportive of quickbooks online. For those curious about this:
Pricing here.

I think my team are building an integration to support quickbooks online and I’ve requested a timeline for it but I don’t know off the top of my head.

Have you considered switching to xero? Integrates with monday seamlessly (syncs future changes with 2-way connection) and is capable across invoices, quotes, bills, purchase orders and timesheets as well as contacts etc. You get the idea.

Let me know if you want a demo :slight_smile:

Peta | upstream
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Hi @peta, unfortunately switching away from Quickbooks Online is not an option. But thanks for the suggestion!

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Hey @carlylaine

Welcome to the community forum! The seamless integration support for monday.com with QuickBooks helps in streamlining your finance management. This way, you can create an integrated system that enables stakeholders to track and manage contacts, payments, accounts, and invoices. The integration can reduce the need for human data record maintenance across two apps.

If you’re seeking assistance in integrating these two enterprise applications, hire experts from a monday.com integration services provider. They embark on a convenient and easy way to connect your active QuickBooks account with monday.com through a no-coding approach.