Miro.com Integration

We are using Miro for visual collaboration. Does Monday have plans to integrate with Miro?

Hey @Sabra!

Ivan here from the monday.com team! While we don’t currently offer a native integration with Miro, that definitely sounds like a really interesting piece of feedback that I’d like to pass along to the Autopilot Team for their review and consideration!

In the meantime, maybe you could try seeing if you’re able to create and external integration with Miro using Zapier.com or Integromat.com?


Also interested in this. If you find an external integration for miro, would you report back?

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We would also love to see this integration.

I previously flagged this with our partner manager.

And I have also asked the reverse question at Miro - if they can integrate with Monday


Being able to add a editable miro board to a monday view in a board, and being able to connect or link miro blocks to monday items would be awesome, I must say


We are also going to be using Miro more and more for visual collaboration. Would be nice to see an integration like the one with Jira.


for those who do not know this is added to the beta app marketplace, i spotted it todat


While you’re looking at Miro please also look at Mural, the other big provider of virtual collaboration space, for integration opportunities.

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