Monday doc enhancement requests

I recently started using Monday. All in all I’m quite please with the functionality of Monday. It’s user-friendly and ascetically pleasing. Overall, it’s the best tool for my company and our clients. I like the collaborative experience of Monday docs and think that for a relatively new addition to the Monday WorkOS it does quite well. I do think with the following enhancements Monday docs could be a real contender with other applications of this type.

  • List item - Ordered and unordered lists need to have the ability to have subitems. Currently you can only bullet or number a list at one level.

  • List item - Tables need more functionality like the ability to shade cells. And the internal cell margin padding is set to high. Cells don’t need that much padding.

  • List item - Could we have the ability to upload our own header images rather than relying on the the stock images from Monday or Upsplash?

  • List item - Heading items do not show up in the Table of Contents if they are used in tables, notice boxes, or columns. Could you add a feature that allows the user to select which headings should be in the Table of Contents?

  • List item When formatted in the Frame view, you can not select a piece of content and easily move it because the grab-bar and drop-down menu disappears if the Table of Contents pane is expanded. This isn’t a huge issues. One can simply use the Wide format and everything works fine, and then set the page format back to Frame if needed.

All in all? Keep of the great work! :grinning: I look forward to seeing how the Monday platform continues to enhance to keep pace with client need.