Monday Storage API "cannot read property 'instance' of undefined"

   static async getXP(token, userId) {
try {
  const mondayClient = initMondayClient();

  const response = await'USER' + userId).then(res => {
    return res;
  }).catch(err => {
    return err;

  return response;
} catch (err) {


I am getting an error stating that is undefined and so its property ‘instance’ cannot be read. I know mondayClient is defined because I can query the GraphQL API. I am trying to access the storage API from a Node js back end. Can the storage API only be accessed from the client or something, or am I just not seeing my mistake?

Hi @hrustad1017

Welcome to the community. As far as I understand the .storage is indeed client side only (although I might be wrong here). I am using a SQL/MariaDB to store values.

Thank you, I was thinking that was the issue.

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Is execute also client side only?

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It is my understanding that only monday.api is available for server side apps (like the backend of an integration). Can somebody from please confirm or comment and if so change the documentation accordingly?

I agree, or at least label which ones are server and which are client.

I just submitted a pull request with an update to the documentation. Not sure if my addition was styled the best, but it should at least get the ball rolling I hope.

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Apparently the README in the monday-sdk-js GitHub repository does say which capabilities are client side only, but it is easy to miss.

Hey folks! Sounds like you figured it out, but I just wanted to confirm:

  1. Yes, the storage API is only accessible from the client side
  2. The monday.API call can be used on the client- or server-side. If you use monday.api on the client side you will enjoy seamless authentication as well :slight_smile:
  3. At the moment the only server-side method is monday.api, but watch this space!
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Could you add whether or not capabilities are available server side in the capabilities table of the monday-sdk-js readme on github? If you don’t work on that personally could you please get someone to do it?