Monday Workforms - How to limit options in a drop down based on previous answer

Hi there -
I’m wondering about options on how to set up a Workform that limits users selections available in a drop-down list based on their response to a previous question within the form. For example, if we ask the user what county they are in and they select the county from a dropdown, we would want the next dropdown question to ONLY include the responses that are relevant to that county. Is there a way to do this within the forms? The only thing I could think of was to have a conditional question that is different for each county – but then the response to the next question would show up in a different column on the main table for each county, right? That would mean 87 different columns where we’d actually like just 1.
Thanks for any ideas!

Hello @mmweber ,

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Unfortunately there is no such way to limit the dropdown options based on a previous response.

The option you have is what you mentioned. Is it imperative that each county have a different question? Might you possible reduce the questions enough so they can fit in the description ( if county=a/b/c/d etc, answer question a)?

I know this is likely not what you wanted to hear, but monday forms are constantly getting improved, and hopefully soon enough there might be improvements for this as well.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thank you! I had suspected this might be the case. Unfortunately, each county has a unique set of options to the same question (in this case it’s lake names/ID#s), but we’d like all the responses to still flow into a single “Lake Name” column.

We are currently using another tool for this, which has its own limitations. Monday solved some of those limitations, but of course has limitations of its own too. We’ll just continue to think on this.