Moving from Enterprise to Pro

Hi Everyone. We are thinking about moving from Enterprise back to Pro. We are not a large company and can probably maneuver in pro fine. My question is about the workspace and board security. If workspaces are all “open” in Pro…but the boards are either shared or private, wouldn’t i still be able to control access to the boards themselves by making them shared or private…and the workspace security doesn’t affect me?

I would like to think so. I’m still evaluating and will go from Pro to Enterprise if needed, but right now it seems like just making the boards private will work. It’s more annoying and you can’t control workspace access though.

I little hint here if you do downgrade, make sure you remove the workspace restrictions BEFORE downgrading. The capability of restricting workspaces actually happens at the UI level, you lose access to the interface to do it - and ALSO to unrestrict workspaces. The workspaces themselves remain restricted but you can no longer edit the permissions!

Workspace access security is nice but i’m not sure it’s worth the extra $$. That and the ability to limit the items seen by the person column. I like that feature in enterprise and it seems to not be available in pro.

Thank You Cody! I wonder if i accidentally miss one if i can duplicate the workspace…and regain access to the permissions?

As far as I know there isn’t a way to duplicate a workspace outside templating functionality which would strip any restrictions.

If you did find yourself in that position of course, support is actually capable of resolving this issue.