Limiting Permissions

Hello Monday community! I am trying to invite “Viewers” to our boards, however I’m running into an issue where the permissions work out the way I intend online, however on a mobile app, they can see all our boards regardless of permissions. We are not on the Enterprise version, which I’m hoping is not the issue here.

Hey @MT_Marc.

Hm this sounds a little strange!

To clarify, any viewer in your account is able to access any main board across the account and can be invited to shareable and/or private board. That said, the device you’re accessing the platform on, definitely shouldn’t impact permissions.

Would you be able to elaborate a little further on the permissions issues you’re experiencing with viewers?

So I’ve been testing what a user would see across our workspaces when I add them as a “viewer”. Main goal is to not let clients see workspaces aside from the one they’ve been given access to. I used an alias email of mine so I could “pretend” I was the client. With only permissions to view 1 workspace, on my mobile app, I was able to see all workspaces. Online, however I only could see the workspace I had assigned to myself.

I’m experiencing the same thing. What was your solution?