I need to restrict an in-org viewer to a single board

Hello, community!

We have a workspace that we’ve been utilizing for well over a year, and need to share a single project board (and/or a dashboard) as view-only to an address within our domain.

The issue is that we need to restrict the viewer from seeing any other boards within our workspace, but it is a large undertaking to edit every ~ other ~ board on our account to be private + actively re-add the necessary users to each one.

I see that a workaround is to invite these users via a personal email address, however this is not a workaround we would like to exploit. We are on Enterprise, however I recall from our Onboarding sessions that my director had reasons for not making our main workspace “private”, so I would like to avoid this workaround, as well.

Thanks for the help!

Fixing my own issue here: Looks like this solution will work for my particular case.
How to share a board view publicly – Support (monday.com)

I swear, there are way to many hidden menus on this platform…

I am interested if there are plans to give Dashboards the same treatment in the future.