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I believe I know the answer to this, but I’m so shocked by it, I’m seeking a so called second opinion. I understand the value of having a “viewer” user that’s internal to our company; some people just need to see what’s going on without us needing to pay for a full user account. For us, there’s a much more valuable reason to have a “viewer” user, and that’s for outsiders (e.g., contractors, strategic partners) to be able to see useful information (e.g., chart, calendar).

Is it true that Monday has no way to limit what a “viewer” user has access to? I want a viewer to see a particular workspace, or board, or board view without seeing everything across our company’s Monday account. If a “viewer” can see everything then the user account is only good for internal use.

The calendar view is a great resource for us, but unfortunately, it’s not interactive within its shareable link (i.e., it shows entries, but you can’t click on or hover those for details). The only way it’s useful is to be able to click on entries, but to do that you need a user account, and we cannot afford an extra dozen accounts for people who need nothing other than the calendar view.

Please tell me I’m wrong and there is way to achieve our needs. Thank you.

Hey Michael,

At this stage, viewers will be able to access any main table or dashboard in the account, however if you’d like to limit their viewing, you’d need to change the board type to a shareable or private board.

Beyond that, it isn’t possible to customise accessibility of each viewer - I hear where you’re coming from here and understand that this has resulted in a setback. I will certainly share your feedback with our internal team and update if anything changes in the future :pray:

Thank you for the response. I need to clarify your answer…are you saying I could turn all boards across all workspaces into shareable boards and then only users and viewers I invite to the board can see it? If no boards are not shareable or private, then they will see nothing?

It’s not great, as I have to manage every board access, but it is a fix.

Is there a way to make all new boards shareable by default? I

At this stage you would need to manually change the board type of all of those boards in your account, it is not possible to bulk make this change across the entire account - I am sorry for the setback here :pray:

When creating a new board, you’d just need to ensure you select private or shareable each time:

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 4.44.00 pm

Does this make sense?

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