Ability to share Views to specific users (customers) rather than entire board

Within our Boards, we have data and dashboards that are internal data only. And although we can restrict Column visibility, we cannot do the same with Views. I would like to be able to share specific Views with specific Users.

Currently, Monday allows you to share the Board with specific Users…or make a specific View public and then share the URL with the specific Users. However, the URL can be accessed by anyone.

This is a very necessary feature.
Actually, we are not able to share anything with our customer.
If we did so, they would be able to access the data of all other customers.
We can’t either give them access to a dashboard, as they need to have full access to all data on the board. On the top of that, the data on dashboard can’t be searched or sorted. It’s not really convenient.
What we need is our customer to access their data only and not everything.
We want them to be able to search and sort their data. They should not be able to modify anything, but should be able to visualize their data.
Sharing views would be a good way to solve this and would allow us to share information with our customer. This is a recurrent requested and it is currently not addressed in Monday.
I hope this will change sooner than later.
Thank you

Hi Franck,

This sounds more like a structural issue in my opinion, even though I don’t know about your setup. If you maybe had separate boards per customer, it would negate a couple of problems.

However, if you’re okay in using third party apps, our Board to Website Widget might still be a viable solution. You can basically transform boards into shareable widgets, just like a website that’s displaying board items in a way to your needs – visually and contentwise.

You are able to apply filters on specific items, and further hide selected board columns that should not be accessible by the viewer (e.g. columns that are meant for internal use only). After setting up everything once, you can publish your widget manually or with automations.

All board items being displayed in the published widget are searchable, and also sortable if you have chosen the table layout mode. While all the data onscreen can’t be modified by the viewer. Feel free to explore a couple of demos here or watch this video guide for a quick overview.

The only downside in your use case might be that you can only publish one configured widget per board at the moment. Let me know what you think.

– Markus from Gorilla Apps

Hi Markus,

Thank you for your answer. It looks very promising.
I can’t have one board per customer, as we have a big quantity of customer and they all follow the same process in the service department. This is an internal board, but we would like to disclose some of it with some customers.
Do you think if will be possible to have more than one view in a near future ? This would be a good sales argument internally, as we have several customer and they basically all require the same information.
Also your widget does not show in the marketplace ? Can I anyway install it ?

Thank for your answer

Hi Franck,

Okay, I do understand that one board per customer doesn’t make sense for your use case and workflow.

I will have a chat with my co-founder Simon, if it’s possible for us to implement, and I will keep you updated.

If you want to try the app, you can find it in the marketplace right here.

– Markus from Gorilla Apps

Hi Markus,
Sorry, it is not possible for me to install the app:

When I look on the marketplace, I can’t find it either.
Is it available in Canada ?
Thank you

Hi Franck,

Please excuse the inconvenience, but there should be no restriction on the app to my knowledge. I honestly can’t tell you at the moment why the app is invisible for you.

@Matias.Monday Any idea?

Try this link instead, and see if it works. It’s the “Add to monday” button URL provided by monday for app developers to directly share install links with clients.

Let me know if that one works.

– Markus

Hi Markus,

Yes, this one is working. I just installed the app.

I will test it and show it to my boss.

I’ll keep you posted

Thank you


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