Restrict View Only Access to one board only


We want to give users view only access to a certain board. This article suggests that if you give view only access viewer can view all boards. What Are The Levels of Users In My Account? – Support

Is there anyway to restrict viewing to one board only?


Hi @slooby - there are a few ways you can handle this.

If it made sense within your environment, you could set your boards to Private and only subscribe users to the boards they should be able to see. This way they cannot navigate to other boards.

The other option would be to set these users up as Guests, set the board in question to Shareable and subscribe them to the board. You can then set the board permissions to Edit only where the user is assigned (assuming they aren’t assigned anything).


Thank you Mark, we will test these solutions to see which one works best for us

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Hi @slooby :wave:

It look like @mark.anley’s post here might have answered your question, is that correct?

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