Allowing limited public access to a board

Hi Team!

We want to offer access to a board of ours as a lead-magnet reward.

This is a board that contains a list of our working checklists. When someone signs up as a lead, we want to grant them view-only access to the board (similar to as reward.

This is the ‘what’ we do. There are links to the ‘how’ we do it, but these take you to our SOP wiki that they won’t have access to.

What is the best way to achieve this? And can we hide columns in the same way as with other permissions?

Essentially we want to enable leads to see a glimpse of what we do (groups, items, rating), but no more than that (hide the people column, for example).

Your help is most appreciated.


Hi Alex,

A public board is always visible for all team members. You can set board permissions but these are for all team members the same. I would suggest to change the board to schareable where you can remove specific team members so they don’t have access.

View only can be achieved by sharing the boardview (same as the roadmap). This will give you an URL and anyone who knows that URL can open the board in view mode.

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Thanks, Bas!

Can I ask how I’d go about creating a boardview? I’ve had a brief look and searched help, but no luck.

Could this be embedded in an iframe too? This way we can track access levels to ensure they are consistent with conversions, and that the URL hasn’t been shared freely around the web!


Don’t worry - found it!

For everyone else with the same question:

Creating a board view would be my recommended approach as well!