Multiple Dropdown values in If statement

Hi everyone,

I am managing products on a board and want to calculate revenue for specific products. I use a dropdown for the different products we have and want to use a formula to say

IF Product is EITHER, a,b,c or d - times column x by column y

is there a way I can select multiple values in an if statement so I dont have nest different IF statements.

Thanks in advance!!

Here are 2 ways:

  • SWITCH({Product#Labels}, β€œa”, {x} * {y}, β€œb”, {x} * {y}, β€œc”, {x} * {y}, β€œd”, {x} * {y}, β€œnone”)
  • IF(OR({Product#Labels}=β€œa”, {Product#Labels}=β€œb”, {Product#Labels}=β€œc”, {Product#Labels}=β€œd”), {x}*{y}, β€œnone”)
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Amazing, this has solved my problem. Thanks for the really quick and easy reply :slight_smile: