Multiple Select Columns

Hi Team,

I was wondering which field can we use when building custom action wherein we want the users to specify which columns from their board they want to send to us.

I was looking into using a custom entity which would retrieve all the columns from the board and present it to the user but there is no option for a multiple select type.

Was wondering what is the best approach for this.


Hey hey @perrymark :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out!

I’d love to learn more about the specifics of what you are looking to develop here. Could you please provide further detail into what your app would be looking to accomplish?

Once we have a solid understanding of what you’d like to provide as a featue to your users, this would help us understand the best way to set this up.

So far, it sounds like it might be best to set up Dynamic Mapping, as then the user will be able to map the column data to pass to your app the way they see fit. You can find more info on this option below:

Item Mapping and Custom Entities

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! :slight_smile: