Multiple Tables per Board

It would be really nice to be able to have multiple tables per board. For example we are an engineering company using Mondays for the purpose of project management and it works really well however to build ohe functionality it would be great to have 1 board per job with the following;

  • Main Table
    • Item checklist for what’s been completed per project
  • KPI dashboard linked to main table
  • Gant Chart to resemble main table items
  • Variation Table (keep track of variations or quotes sent out to client) This would be separate to main Table and have its own customizable columns/rows
  • Request for Information Table (same as variation table, should have ability to be customizable.

I would invision that a Board is related to a specific project and multiple tables should be able to be built from each board as you would create multiple sheets in excel.

Totally agree. There should be function to have multiple tables per board. It is annoying having only 1 table per board…!

I agree on this. This is an absolute must for project management. It would make you able to controle one complete project per board. As the situation is now you have to use several boards, which is not optimal.

Why don’t you make a project folder for each board that applies and run it through the dashboard after you connect everything? You could make another board that connects all the data summary you need.

This is an absolute must from a program management perspective. To another commentor’s point, you could make multiple boards for one project but this does not work for a program. I need one board per project that rolls up to a program, so each board needs the ability to accommodate multiples of the same “views” or “widgets” so everything is contained to that one project board.