Multiply with 0,

Hello together,

why can’t i multiplay columns with 0,xxxx? See attached example. If i multiply the first column with 1.5, it shows 45 as a result as intended. If I want to multipy the “Stundensatz” 30 with 0.5, it shows 0 as result instead 15.

Please support

it should work. It looks like you might be using “.” (period) and “,” (comma) interchangeably. I’m from the USA. Here the period character separates the whole numbers from the “decimal places” and the comma is used to ease reading of large numbers by spacing every 3rd digit. I understand that some countries switch these. But, as far as I know, they are never interchangeable. There might be additional confusion if the Time Est. column is a text column.

Thank you for your reply.

It magically worked, when i checked this morning :smiley: However, i did not change anything since i asked the question. Also refreshing the page with F5 didn’t solve it yesterday, maybe the closing of the browser applied it.