Multuple IF conditions in one formula

Hello, I am currently working on a project monitoring board and I wanna ask as to what formula I can use to know the days overdue and days in advanced between date completed and due date. Also, I wanna what formula to use to determine conditions based on the number of days from the previous formula.

The scale are below:

5: 100% are completed 2 weeks advanced
4: 100% are completed 1 week advanced
3: 100% are completed within deadline

Hey there!

Have you tried playing around with the “WORKDAYS” or “DAYS” function formulas yet? You can use these formulas and then subtract one date column (overdue) from another date column (completed).

Regarding the 5, 4, and 3 in the scale you mentioned, are these numbers representing days overdue or a score for each project? I’d love to better understand what you’re looking for here so I can suggest some more specific solutions. :blush: