Mutable link to columns, etc. (validation as well)

Can you update link to columns through API v2? It would be nice if there were automation’s that if column values were empty, we could provide notification at a minimum.

Thoughts? Doable now or is there a potential timeline for functionality like this. When I started with the Monday product; I would have thought it was a more mature platform. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of great features, but there is lots of typical features that are still non-existent. Automation’s need to be beefed up as quickly as possible.



Hey Kevin, totally hear you. We’re putting a lot of resources into making automations a really robust part of our platform. I haven’t heard of the request to not notify someone if column values were empty, but this sounds pretty cool. Can you tell me more about what exactly you’re looking for, so I can pass this along to the Product team?

As for the API and link to item column, adding support for all our columns is on our roadmap :slight_smile: Stay tuned!