Notification automation linked to a certain column value

Hi all, is it possible to set up an automation that does this:
check every day if a date column is empty (or a formula column is true, or a formula column cointain a certain value) and notify the owner of this?

We would like to ensure that users are reminded to fill in some empty columns which are not punctually filled in but which are important.

Despite continuous internal prompts, certain values are never populated and I would like to automate the notification.


Hey @smderox,

try this :

  1. Set up a “Today date” Date

  2. Set your notification up

2.1 Every day at 8am

2.2 Notify if Date (the Date you want to watch) is empty

Let us know,


Thank you Leandre for your hint and help.

What i really need to do is something different.

I’ve set up a “colum” (let’s call it status_check) with a formula that check ìf another colum (let’s call it origin) has been filled with some value or has been left empty assigning 2 different value:

  1. “ok” if there is any value in the “origin” column
  2. “Nok” if there isn’t any value in the "origin column

And this is the easisest part.

What i’d like to set up now is an automation that notify the owner of the task, that left a “compulsary” field blank and this should occur if the value in the status_check column is reported “nok”

Hope I was clear in describing the problem

Thank again for help if possibile

If you can create a status column that defaults to Nok and an automation that updates the status to OK when the required column changes (i.e. an entry was made) , then you can use the automation (under “Item creation” in the automations center) “Every time period, if status is something, notify someone.”

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Susan thank you so much I’ll go for your solutions since it looks like exactly what we are looking for !!!