Reoccurring notification when date passes or blank and task is not 'Done' or 'NA'

Hi, basically what I’m trying to achieve is a Daily/weekly automation that reminds the task owner to update the status.
so, IF Status is not ‘Done’ OR ‘NA’
AND Date is passed OR blank
notify task owner (people column)

Apparently it’s much trickier than I thought

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Hey @Moti! Would a custom automation like this work for you?

Hi, @BiancaT, thanks for the replay.
but this automation is no answering several use cases:

  1. it’s not reoccurring
  2. ‘something’ is one value, and I have 2
    having 2 automations, one for each, will not solve it either - since the task owner will get a notification even when he put NA on the task status.
  3. what if the date already passed?
  4. what if the date column is blank?

I am afraid adding conditions for recurring automations is not currently supported. While the team is aware of this setback, please feel free to add a feature request via Submit an Idea - monday Community Forum or vote on this request to increase the likelihood of this being supported sooner!

As a work around, you could set up the following automation to push the date X amount of days to replicate the recurring format:

Additionally, I understand you said you had 2 “something” values - to accomodate for this, you are able to add another condition:

I also wanted to draw your attention to this native recipe we have, in-case it can be used in some way:

Finally, if the date column is blank, the automation will not trigger.

I recognise this isn’t the most seamless solution or setup, however hopefully this helps give you an idea of what is achievable with the features that are currently supported :pray:

Hi @BiancaT , regarding the initial question and my use case, slightly different, I ask you this.
is it possible to set up an automation that does this:
check every day if a date column is empty (or a formula column is true) and notify the owner if so?

We would like to ensure that users are reminded to fill in some empty columns which are not punctually filled in but which are extremely important. Despite continuous internal prompts, certain values are never populated and I would like to automate the notification.


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Yes I would like to know that as well

Thanks for clarifying this for me! I am afraid that there is no seamless way to achieve this natively, without having to set up a fair few different recipes with different date columns… :frowning: I apologise for the setback here! I’ve had a look a couple of apps in the marketplace, and transparently I can’t seem to find one to achieve this function specifically without overcomplicating the process.

If you’re interested, you’re welcome to look into 3rd party integrations like integromat to build this custom automation or through our monday.api. That said, I will definitely raise this internally for you :pray: Thanks for your understanding!

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