Automation based on Formula Column to get a notification after X time if formula column is empty

Hey community, I want to get notified whenever a certain amount of time passes and a formula column stays empty.

Here’s how we’re thinking of doing it:

  1. Trigger: We’ll set it up so that after, say, X hours since a task/item was created or last updated, it checks if the formula column is still empty.
  2. Condition: If the formula column is empty, then jumps to the action.
  3. Action: We should get a friendly notification letting us know it’s time to jump in and take action.

I’ve tried using the When an item is created and if COLUMN is empty then notify User

Thing is that said automation doesn’t display formula columns or gives me the option to set up a after X time passes…

Any insight is appreciated.

Formula columns currently aren’t supported for Automations unfortunately.

The monday Team has mentioned that support for those is on the roadmap though I believe.