My Work view missing "Add Item"

Recently adopted Monday for project/office management.
I thought there was not a way to add new items from mywork - see attached view from my profile. But then I realized that other users have a blue button top left to “Add Item” and also place to add items under each time group. Any ideas on why I do not have this? I’m an admin, something to do with that?

Here’s a screenshot from another user, which includes these buttons. Would love love to have!

I have the same issue! Has anyone found a solution to this?

Wow, this actually very interesting!

We also have it in our account as well. I am not sure why it would not show up in yours.

Would love to hear from somebody who knows why this is happening.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

I heard from support that the feature is not released. So what I gather is one of my colleagues and I signed up for a trial in October, and the rest of our office in the last month. So perhaps the recently signed up are getting a beta version. They unfortunately said will just have to wait for the feature to be released to all, though no timeframe to it as of now.
It’s personally driving me crazy to not be able to add items from My Work view. When working on 5-10 project boards at any given time, so cumbersome to add items as they happen / come to mind. Surprised it’s not a fully released feature yet!

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