Add items directly to My Work 📝

Incase you missed it, it’s now possible to add items directly to My Work!

No need to navigate away from My Work anymore, simply add an item that is connected to a board with a people column , and it’s all done :star:

Have you been taking advantage of this new release? Do you find that it’s saving time and increasing efficiency?

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I love this feature. I particularly like the dialog box that lets you input all your data before creating the item.

Would it be possible to implement the same feature on all boards?
The regular function where all new items are added to the bottom of the top group isn’t always ideal, especially when you have a lot of filters/sorting applied to a board view.

I get a lot of complaints from users in my team that they are “losing” items they have created, because the items are created where they can’t see them.


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I hear you Kasper and agree that this would be a valuable addition! If you don’t mind, would you be happy to submit this as a feature request so our community can add their vote and increase the likelihood of development :slight_smile:

Absolutely, and thank you for your reply.

Hi @BiancaT
I tried, but I do not have permission to create a topic in the feature request board (for some reason)

Oh sorry about this Kasper!

I am just having a look on the back-end… can you please try again? Thanks for your help!

There is a workaround, so I did manage to post something (I think - it needs to be approved).

I have to go to the front page of the community board, to be able to click “Start a discussion”. I can’t do it anywhere else.