Having a "quick create" button for creating new tasks

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My team and I are coming to Monday.com from ClickUp and one of the things that was really nice with ClickUp was having a “new task” button in the top right corner on desktop and in the nav menu on mobile. This would allow you to quickly create a new task, assign an owner, assign a board, and make any comments or other details no matter where you were. Vs how it is in Monday.com it appears: having to find the exact board and then finding the group you want to add a new task too.

I have been trying to search around this community board to see if something like this has already been requested, but I haven’t come across anything yet. I want to be careful to not ask for something that’s already been requested or is in the works :slight_smile:

There are some other really neat and useful features ClickUp has that I think would make Monday.com the clear top choice in this space if you would be open to me sharing a few more ideas through email?

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Got my vote. I remember looking for this when I first started using Monday.

Quick access from any screen to the dialogue which pops up in My Week would be great.


Even more reason to offer a static header option in Monday too.


@JohnW Exactly! It makes all the difference when you’re in a position where you have to create a task quickly in the moment or save an idea and don’t have time to search through boards.

Also having the My Week tasks link to the specific task vs just the board so that it can take you straight to the task. It feels unnatural when opening a task in My Week but then to get to the actual task to see all the notes and files, having to re-search for it in the board and there’s not a direct connection to open the task fully.

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Agreed. I see My Week as a version 1.0 feature at the moment. It’s got tons of potential.

Hopefully it’s where some of that Monday VC funding goes.


+1 on this. This is a must have


I think this feature would really help my team. Half our problem is that the people responsible for creating tasks don’t want to be bothered to find the right board to put the task on. So they still email a task and ask someone to put it on the on the right board which kind of defeats the purpose. A quick create button would be even more convenient for mobile users.

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Good suggestion. Quick creation of items would be great during meetings etc. I do not know the way ClickUp integrated the ‘quick create’ but Wunderlist has quite a good solution as well.

The quick create can be triggered by a shortcut.


I see how this could be beneficial and have passed on this conversation to the relevant people! Thanks all for your inputs :slight_smile:

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@steveeastlack I have a similar case where we collect leads for different products, and we use different boards to track them.
I “solved it” by making a “leads registration” board with all the data I need to create a new lead and columns to select which products the lead is for.
I then enabled the Form view and distributed it to the team. For them, it is just as easy as filling the form and pressing submit.

I then set up a webhook integration that triggers on New Item creation. This sends the new lead to Integromat, and there I ¨route¨and create the lead in the corresponding board.

Hope it helps!

Interesting @PabloVerano and cool use of Integromat. How did you set it up in Integromat to re-route the moving of the items to the different boards? Would the cross-board monday automations not work for this?

What else do you miss from Clickup @steveeastlack ? And why did you switch?

I switched because I was using ClickUp mostly on my own and my boss recommended the team use Monday a few times so I gave it a try. Having said that, we’re actually switching back to ClickUp I think.

The one feature I used everyday in ClickUp was the direct integration it has with Google Chrome through the Google Chrome extension. It made ClickUp available no matter where you were whereas Monday makes you work inside Monday to create new tasks, attach comments and links, add notes, etc.

When I’m in Gmail, I can open an email and either save it as a comment along with all the attachments to an existing task or create a new task that brings in all the details. Then when I’m in ClickUp and have to find that email again, there’s a direct link back to it as part of the task. The transition between apps is so natural.

I never found a direct connection between email and Monday that was this advanced. You can create a new task by emailing it into a specific board in Monday, but that never brought in attachments and wasn’t as useful for how I work. I’d have to download all the attachments from Gmail, move to Monday, find the task and then upload all the attachments manually.

I absolutely love how Monday looks and prefer it’s UI experience over ClickUp, but the practicality and usability of ClickUp fits my working style so much better. It let’s me work faster. Also, having to go board by board and set up automations in Monday to alert me of deadlines felt unnessary to me.

Maybe with the new funding Monday will really knock it out of the park with their next update.

Edit: The other big factor ties into the “quick create” task concept which I started this thread initially for. Desktop aside, this really comes into play with on the mobile app. ClickUp has a nice big purple button in the nav menu that lets you quick create tasks/save ideas instantly whereas Monday forces you to find the board, then group, then create a task. I found the mobile app useful only for checking in on projects, but never taking any action.

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I don’t really “move” the items. I create new in the corresponding boards.

There are many reasons to not use Monday automations:

  • Automations are event based, and in this case the event is item creation. There are no current automations which would allow me to move an item as soon as it has been created.
  • The criteria for deciding where to create (or hypothetically move) the item is based on looking at a variable (products), not a status. There’s no current automation which allows me to look at the value of text, dropdown or tags columns.
  • By handling this logic in Integromat, I can trigger other events simultaneously (an offline conversion event in Google Analytics, subscribing a customer to a Mailchimp list, sending an SMS, etc, etc.)

As per the setup in Integromat, it is quite specific to our use case. Whenever a new Item is created in the leads collection board, Integromat runs a scenario fetching the information store in that item. It will then compose a JSON structure which is sent to a general scenario where I process leads and orders, and the routing is done here.