"Quick Add" for items

Idea: A button to quickly add an item from anywhere in monday.com.

Issue: When an idea occurs to you that you don’t want to lose track of, you want to get it written down quickly before a distraction comes along. However, in Monday.com, you must first go through the exercise to select a board and a group before you can add an item.

Example: when in the “My Work” view, there is no way to add an item, without opening a board first. Perhaps a dialog could open to gather the item title, then require a board/group selection.

Even better - a user could set their own default board/group as a profile preference, and these options be pre-selected.

It would be nice to be able to do this from anywhere in Monday.com - from a doc, a dashboard, or from any board to be able to quickly capture an item no matter where in the application you are.

Hi @lightsey!

Please watch this short video (< 1min) and see if this will work as a solution for you.

Lucid Day

Thank you for the suggestion @TonyaM . I had not considered the to-do list before, or perhaps using dashboards to be able to add to multiple boards in one view. I don’t think this quite fits my suggestion, however, since I’m looking for a place that is universally accessible across Monday.com to quickly add an item from anywhere, perhaps even with a keyboard shortcut. In the example you show, before capturing anything, I would still need to select the dashboard, then click in the correct location on the screen to enter an item. I’m looking for a way to bypass the thought of “where does this belong”, and just get it captured immediately.

I’m coming up with ways to do this quickly through automations on my mac - just a possible idea. Thank you again for the reply.