Enhanced Item/Task Creation from Monday Docs

We use Monday docs heavily to log meeting notes. We switched from using Google Docs and Google Tasks to log actions from meetings because Monday seemed to have better task tracking features embedded in meeting docs. Monday lets you highlight a task and select “add item” to create a task or embed a board view and add a task there.

In practice, however, this feature is very limited, and could be improved with a few enhancements:

  1. You should be able to add tasks from Monday Docs to a sub-item level. Right now, you can only select a board and group level to create an item/task in from Monday docs. This is not helpful when you are using high-level boards and need to assign tasks at the sub-item level. For example, if I have a Board “Customers” with groups “current, upcoming, done” and items “Customer 1, 2, 3, etc”, I should be able to create an item from Monday docs and assign it as a sub-item under “Customer 1”. All you can do now is create a task at the same item level as Customer 1. Your group then becomes cluttered with new tasks that you have to manually convert to a sub-item after the meeting.

  2. Assign owners in-line when you create an item in Monday docs. In Monday docs, you can @ a person to tag them in a note. When you highlight the note and use the “add item” feature in the toolbox pop-up to create an item however, any reference to the person disappears. You can click into the newly created item and add a task owner after, but this is an unnecessary manual process. You should be able to create an item, @ an owner next to it in the Monday doc and automatically assign that person.

  3. I’m sure this has been mentioned elsewhere, but right now if you have an automation to move an item to another board when a status changes, you can map most fields to the new boards. HOWEVER, even if correctly map a files column from the original board to a files column in the new board, the file will not carry-over. This means meeting notes and all other docs are lost permanently when the item moves. This is frustrating because if you are using a typical deal pipeline in the Monday CRM Tool and want to move an item to the Work Management tool as an active project when the contract is signed, all documentation up to that point assigned to the item disappears.