Create subitems from Monday docs

Is there a way to turn text in Monday docs into subitems?
Our team uses Monday docs for meeting notes. We can change these into ‘items’ by highlighting, right clicking, and selecting ‘item’, which prompts us to pick the relevant group for that item. Then we have to go to that group and convert them into sub items as they’re usually parts of bigger tasks, and add all the details. I’d like to determine whether action items are sub items or parent items directly from the board instead of double handling.

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Same issue here.

My solution is that without a subitem button it’s usually faster to just copy them as text with each item on a different line and then paste into the subitems. It’s not one button, it’s two (Copy / paste) but it is faster than the process you described above, if you’re already in the correct board.

I fully agree that it’s strange how sub-items seem to have so much less functionality and automation available compared to items, when they’re essentially identical in every other way.