Convert a subitem to an item and create a link in another board

I have a board in Monday Work Management that is used by my project team. Within the items in each project they create sub-items. All good so far.

There are times when these subitems need to be passed to our development team who work out of Monday Dev.

My question is how do I create an item in the Monday Dev board from only the SUB ITEM in Monday Work Management and create a link so that the updates will show in my PMs project board? Is this even possible? I know we can’t mirror columns etc on the sub items and this will need to show on the main item and I am resolved to that, but I don’t want the item created in Monday Dev to be the main item, but to be the sub item instead. It could be that more than one subitem will need to be set up , you see. It could also be that each of these will have different due dates as well as different priorities etc.

Equally, I don’t want the sub item to become a main item in the PM’s board as this will cause confusion and for things to be missed.

Can anyone shed some light on whether I can make this happen? Or do I need to use a bridging app such as Zapier or Make?

Thank you in advance.

To create an item in Monday Dev from a subitem in Monday Work Management and maintain a link for updates, you might need to use a bridging app like Zapier or Make. doesn’t natively support direct linkage or mirroring of subitems as separate items in another board. These third-party apps can automate the creation of items in Monday Dev based on subitem triggers and help manage due dates and priorities.

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One trick is investigate using the built-in automations not create custom automation. The built-in ones have special coding around them which can make them work with subitems, mirrors, and connections in subtle but improved ways. I am not saying you will find a solution, but the pre-fab automations in the automations center can do things custom automations cant even if the read the same.

Thank you. I have tried the pre-built functions but none of them do what I need it to. The recipe doesn’t exist unfortunately,

Thank you. I have created a workaround using a separate board to act as a bridge. It means a little bit of manual linking but still reduces the admin for my team mates. I guess we can’t let perfect get in the way of better, right?! :grinning:


Hello Claire,

I face to the same (Convert a subitem to an item and create a link in another board).

Please can you explain me with more details or give me a documentation about how you create a workaround using a separate board to act as a bridge.

Kind Regards,

Hello Teodor,

I face to the same problem like Claire.

Can you explain me or give me a documentation about managing subitem link by using Zapier or Make ?

Kind Regards.

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To link subitems from Monday Work Management to Monday Dev using Zapier or Make, first connect your Monday account with your chosen automation tool. Then, set up a trigger for new or updated subitems in Monday Work Management. The action in Zapier or Make should be to create a new item in Monday Dev, mapping fields like due dates and priorities from the subitem. I recommend exploring the help sections of Zapier and Make for detailed guidance on integrating with Monday

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Its a bit of a manual workaround. I’ll try and explain it as easily as I can but I think it might sound more complicated than it is.

  • Main item and sub it is on board A
  • The sub item that needs to raised and sent to Monday Dev is now raised via form on board B
  • Board B creates the item in Monday Dev and creates the link and mirror
  • On board A, I have set up the link and mirror fields to board B which can read the linked and mirror fields of Monday Dev
  • Against the sub item, I select the item from board B and continue to monitor from there.

Its a bit manual and bit of a faff, but it does the job.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply.

I will try to use this workaround and I will tell you if it works.

Kind regards


I want to Convert subitem to to an Item create a link in another board Is this a good idea a to use Zapier or make for this process?

I guess that is a question for your company. Mine didn’t want to use a third party like Zapier as it can get pretty expensive so I went with a more manual work around (detailed in the comments above).

Hey @ClaireC, @teodorvoinea56, @codyfrisch, @DJIBRIL, @henrycelvin.

We developed an app that can solves this exact problem. It allows to automatically create item / subitem in a different board and connect it to the subitem that was created. See below -

This way, you can make sure that the subitems are automatically shown where needed and you can utilize mirror column to show the relevant info.

We’re constantly adding new capabilities to it to make sure it’s easy and powerful to run automation on subitems just like it’s powerful on “regular” items.
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!