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I have an automation for now that is giving me ~40% of what I need. I am a program manager in a medical device company, so we have a lot of redundant tasks when it comes to similar actions. For example, every time we create a document, we need to route, approve and release. I created a button that creates this subitems, HOWEVER, i would like to create a template in which the name of the subitems includes the name of the parent task and the dependencies are as follow:

draft → route → approve → release

Any idea what I can use for this?


In order to do what you’re is asking, naming sub-items with the name of the parent, it would require external integration. We are advanced Monday builders, but haven’t been able to find a way to pass that on. It is a similar functionality to a merge tag but for Task name, etc… We would need to dive more into why you are doing it that way, what the subitems are, etc. etc., to be able to help you. Let me know if you want to chat more @lucialopez !

Hey @lucialopez and @DafneLaunchPoint,

that is certainly possible with an external integration indeed, which I did several times.
On top of that we can link other flows easily. We don’t do this in monday directly, but via the API.

Let me know if I can help you further.

We are a platinum Monday parter, so happy to help.
You can dm me or send an email to

This could likely be solved with custom dev as the other users have mentioned. Though if you wanted to try something yourself first, you could try utilizing Column Magic