How to edit existing subitems automations template or create custom

I’m trying to create an automation where if the status of all sub items is same say “in progress” then change the status of their parent item to “in progress” and move the parent item to a group “projects in progress”. I found an existing automation template for subitems that does part of the process but I am not able to edit that template and add the moving of item to a group part. When I try to create a custom automation, the system doesn’t let me select all subitems.
I’m fairly new to monday and coming from Smartsheets. Any tips on how you guys solved it?

In addition, can we use “multiple ANDs/ORs” logic in automations? If yes, how?

Hi @ameya.athalye!

From what I can understand you’re referring to one of our native (pre-existing) automation recipes from our automation centre? If so, I am afraid that these cannot be edited at this time and I apologise for the setback here :pray:

To workaround this, would it be possible for you to simply set up a secondary automation to move the parent item to the specific group when the status changes to “in progress”?

Let me know what you think!

If there could be a way to edit pre-existing templates, that’d be great. They’re useful, but very limited at this time!

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. I certainly agree this would be a welcomed addition to our pre-existing automation templates! Please feel free to add your suggestion here - Submit an Idea - monday Community Forum - to grow its visibility :pray:

Unfortunately I’ll have to set up multiple automations like that.