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Hi everyone!

I am trying to see if anyone has a custom automation that could help me with what I am needing. First - I installed the “Subitem Automations” app to use for free to see if it would have what I needed and it looks like it doesn’t (from what I can see so far).

What I’m trying to do:
When all subitems have the status as “Done” move the parent item to the next group. See screenshot below:

Does anyone know if this is possible? Any help is appreciated!

Thank you

Hi @manderson ,

Welcome to the Monday Community!

I believe you could accomplish this using two native Monday automations. The first automation would trigger the parent item status to change based on all sub items being completed, and the second automation would be triggered by that parent status changing.

Here are screenshots of the two automations.


Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @kaylak ! Thank you for your help.

This would work however, I have multiple “groups” that are different steps in a process that they need to go through. So for example, the different groups are “step 1” and then “step 2” and so on.

It looks like this automation would work if I only needed to move an item from group to another. But I need it to say something like: If all sub-items in “step 1 group” have the status of “done” then move item to “step 2 group”. I would need to create this automation multiple times (I think) in order to get the item to continuously move through the groups until it reaches the last one.

Let me know if that makes more sense and if you have any helpful recommendations! :slight_smile:
Thanks again

Hi @manderson ,

Thank you for clarifying! I definitely think we can figure out something that will work for you. One question that I have for you is, do you want the subitems to follow the parent item throughout the process or should they be archived as they move through the groups?

@kaylak They can be archived or they can stay! Whichever works :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

@manderson ,

I am going to dig into this a bit more back to you early next week after I do some more digging!

Hey @manderson - you should just need to add an “and if item is in group” to your automations to move it through all the groups:

As you mentioned, you would need an automation for each group move, but you can just duplicate the automations and have them setup in a few seconds.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Kayla,

You could do it with the Advanced Formula Booster. The Advanced Formula Booster is a 3rd-party app that revolutionizes formulas in monday.

Here is a demo:


This is achieved by this single formula created in the Sub-item board.

This formula takes advantages of many of the features that are unique to the Advanced Formula Booster:

  • AFB uses its own syntax editor which can have up to 100 lines
  • AFB does not use the Formula column, but rather can cast its results to any column
  • An AFB formula can update multiple columns from multiple items: here we modify the Parent’s Status (optional) and the Parent’s Group (not really a column, but AFB makes it a virtual column, so that it can be read or changed).
  • An AFB formula can use data from multiple items: here we read the statuses of all sub-items that are sub-items of the same parent. We also read data from the parent. We also read data from the parent’s board.
  • AFB has many functions, including function to STOP the formula when a condition is met/not met (which avoids to nest IF statements over and over like in the Formula column).

To make this formula run automatically, all you need is a single automation:

Hope it helps.