Creating an automation to move an item to another group or board based on the Summary of Subitems on the parent item (when all items are done)

Hi! I am trying to create an automation using the Parent summary field (roll-up from the sub-items). When All sub-items are marked as done, I would like to move the entire item to a different group. I could not find a recipe that allowed me to move the item to another group. Has anyone created one that I could use?

hi @Kelly1

I recommend to use two custom automations for this

The lower one set a status in the parent item when all subitems have a given status value (Done in this example). The top one moves the item to a specified group.

I tested this and it is working fine, although at this moment it is very slow (the item moves took over 2 minutes to complete)

thank you! I was not thinking about doing the double automation, but this works.