Automation to move a sub item from one group to another group

I would like to set up an automation like this:

When “Sub Item Status” changes to “Insert Status” move Sub Item to “Insert Group”

I would use it in this use case:

When “Sub Item Status” changes to “Approved” move Sub Item to “‘Closed’ Group”

Currently there is no way to do this.

The closest automation option that exists is:

When “Sub Item Status” changes to “Insert Status” move Item to “Insert Group”

This moves the whole “Item” and alls of its “Sub Items” to the new group.

I ONLY want the “Sub Item” to move to a new group, and leave the Item and the rest of its Sub Items in place.

Please help - this is critical to me being able to approve sub items as complete and for them to disappear into a “Closed” group, and give me a clear view of the work still remaining.

This is EXACTLY what i’m trying to do, and it’s disappointing to see it’s not possible yet, but hopefully more people will add their votes and comments here to help it happen eventually. Ugh, now i have to figure out a whole different way to track this particular board’s items… Wish me luck!

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I hope so too! Good luck! We’re currently limping along in an in-between state hoping that this feature will be released :crossed_fingers:

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Yeah, I think i’m going to just have to manually move each item to its corresponding group for now, as much as that adds time, it’ll be better than “reinventing the wheel” and hopefully they’ll give us this feature soon! :smiley:

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That’s what we’re doing.

Is this feature available yet?

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Is this available yet? I can’t believe this isn’t currently an option.


+1 for needing a way to do this! - We have “Ongoing” Items for a year - but where individual Subitems get completed we would want them moving under a duplicate Item in a Completed Group.

After reading all of the above - for now I have set up an automation to Notify me every time a Subitem get’s changed to “Done” then I will have to manually move it myself - but it seems a shame that this can’t be automated.

any updates on this?

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Also waiting on updates on this feature.

Thank you,

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Hey @Susan.A, @james-aivia, @epjustin, @Southernbks, @AdamOsoski, @mbetancur

We developed an app called subitem automations that provides robust automation capabilities to subitems. It also includes the ability to move subitems between boards, duplicate and more here’s an example →

Move between boards →

Move within the same board →

You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!

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Looking to use this exact functionality in our project boards so adding my vote and hoping to have an update on this feature soon. Thanks!

I’m trying this automation and it is currently not working on any of my boards. I recently installed this integration. Is there something I need to do to get any of the recipes to work?

Also waiting on updates on this feature. Thank you.

Hey @lkelley

Could you please send me an email to with the details of what’s going on and I’ll see what the problem is? This automation is heavily used by many customers so it should be working.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Is it possible to move sub item every 3 monthes to another board/group?