SEEKING ADVICE: Create subitems automatically using info from parent item

I would like to create an automation that, when triggered, creates a subitem and fill in the values with info from the parent item. Seems simple enough but doesn’t appear to be a supported feature. So I am asking for advice from you smart folks: What is the best way to go about accomplishing this? I gather Make can do it, but is it overkill for a single automation? Is there another way?

Any and all feedback will be appreciated!

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This is possible via make, You would have a button (or other trigger) column on your Monday board for the parent task.
When you clicked the button against the parent task this would trigger Make to collect the parent ID and values, create a new sub item or multiple sub items for the parent and apply any of the values you needed against the subtasks

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Many thanks in advance

Hi @psperry - There is also an app released recently called Autoboost that will take the values of a parent item and apply them to the subitem on creation.

Hope this helps!

@mark.anley @DanIngham-IOI @psperry @psperry Great news! You can now link boards sub-items via automations :tada: - using VLOOKUP marketplace app since our latest update 3 weeks ago. Let me know if you have any question.

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Hey thanks @Nir-Jetpack! I completely forgot about this new addition!

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