Automation line for "When subitem created , link subitem with column to parent item of this board"

Currently we are using mirror columns in subitems to reflect info from the parent item in the subitem lines and then manually linking them to the parent item in the same board for more detailed statistics .We need those parent item columns in the subitem lines for better data management and making sure we can connect data in dashboards to certain level.

It is frustrating that you can’t have the link automatically just connect to the parent item once the subitem is created. A simple fix would be to have an automation for “When subitem created , link subitem with column to parent item of this board”. This way ANY time a subitem is created , it automatically links to the parent item with column , allowing the mirror columns to self populate in the subitem.

There doesn’t seem to be anyway to do this other than manually connecting the subitems to the parent items but would love this as a feature.

I need this feature also, customer creates order(form=item) and the we need to copy the QTY they require into each department(subitems) to track where we are at, with out being able to mirror parent info onto subitem info this is impossible to do without external apps that I really dont want to have to pay for due to the quantity we would need daily to make this happen.
Manually connecting the item and subitems for 100 jobs a day is not feesible

I would like to figure this out too. Can we create an automation that automatically connects a subitem to the item? This seems like it would be very basic, but cannot do it.

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Hey @Dian94, @BNBLEATHER, @JHolden1975,

We developed an app that solves this exact use case. See example below -

We’re constantly adding new capabilities to it to make sure it’s easy and powerful to run automation on subitems just like it’s powerful on “regular” items.
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!

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